10 Examples of Elevated Stoner Girl Wall Art (…These Posters Don’t Need a Blacklight to Look Great) – HeyHelloHigh

When someone says “stoner poster,” what comes to mind? If you went to college in the 90s-00s, some specific imagery probably pops up. Let me guess… Are you thinking of something with a lot of neon, psychedelic patterns, that is fuzzy and glows under UV light? Was it purchased at Spencer’s Gifts? Does...

These Stunning Infographics and Charts Turn Science Facts into Cannabis Art

Goldleaf cannabis art prints are the perfect way to educate while you decorate. These days more and more people are using cannabinoid products for their health and wellness applications. However, these applications and benefits are so numerous and varied, you practically need a chart to keep track of them all. Luckily, a company called...

8 Awesome Ashtrays to Upgrade Your Stoner Girl Home Style – HeyHelloHigh

There’s something so retro-cool about a fancy ashtray. They come in so many styles, colors and designs these days. Some are even like a work of art! I love to style mine in the bathroom to hold my rings, in an entry way to toss my keys, or outside on my patio as...

This $9.99 Organizer from Amazon is the Ultimate Stoner Girl Stash Hack – HeyHelloHigh

Are all your pretty stoner girl supplies stuffed into a bland stashbox somewhere? Then this post is for YOU! I’ll be the first to admit it – I’m definitely a type A stoner. I like my glass clean, my pens stored upright and my grinders separated into Indica and Sativa. But sometimes, things are...
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